VLP Technology

Sentinext has developed a vaccine against EV71 using our modern, proprietary VLP technology. Our VLP technology is key to this new generation vaccine which is safe and efficacious and does not utilise live EV71 in the manufacturing process.

Other EV71 vaccines currently utilise an inactivated whole virus approach which cultivates infectious EV71 in large quantities and then chemically inactivates this to produce a killed vaccine. One of the issues with this old method is that the inactivation process changes the structure of the virus particle, making it different from the actual live virus.

Sentinext’s VLP technology involves self-assembling capsid proteins that generate particles as they are formed in the cell so that Sentinext’s EV71 vaccine does not require live EV71, ensuring zero risk of EV71 escape or mutation during the manufacturing process.

This VLP technology can also be applied to non-enveloped viruses with more than one capsid protein needed to form complex epitopes, allowing this ground-breaking technique to be applied to other enteroviruses.

Sentinext has also generated VLPs for CV-A16, polioviruses, and EV-D68 (a cold virus that recently caused a poliomyelitis-like disease and death in children in the US).

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